ARALISH: a New Phenomenon in TEFL

Rismiyanto, - (2010) ARALISH: a New Phenomenon in TEFL. international seminar 2010 "bringing linguistics and literature into efl classroom", 4. pp. 1-11. ISSN 978-979-1098-03-22

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In TEFL, a method of teaching which is the most efficacious needs applying. Students have their own different characteristics and interest in term of learning and acquisitioning English as foreign language. This occasionally makes English teachers need to find even a unique method of teaching. “Aralish” is a blend deriving from Arabic and English. It is then used to name a method of teaching combining the characteristic of Arabic and English languages in learning English as foreign language or vice versa. Arabic and English have a set of similarities and differences. It seems that the differences are more found instead of the similarities, but when explaining the language components of both languages: pronunciation, morphology and syntax, the logically equivalent terms of both languages are available. This strongly does help the students who simultaneously learn both of the languages. “Aralish”, is now being applied as a treatment for the students who join the LBA MA NU TBS Kudus. LBA is a foreign language corner founded by Madrasah Aliyah Nahdlatul Ulama Tasywiquth Thullab Salafiyah (MA NU TBS ) Kudus to make its graduates supported with the two main worldwide languages, Arabic and English. LBA builds a memorandum of agreement (MOU) with English Education Department Teacher Training and Education Faculty Muria Kudus University PBI FKIP UMK) in recruiting the trainers. The trainers are exclusive, since they do not only have to master English but also Arabic as well. Although this new phenomenon has not been formally brought into an experimental research or classroom action research, but as far I, one of the trainers of LBS, have been observing, the students, at least, have been strongly motivated in the teaching and learning process, since they learn two things that are closely related.

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