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AGUSTINA, ZULIANA (2020) Peningkatan hasil belajar tema 5 menggunakan model pembelajaran role playing berbantuan media wayang kertas pada siswa kelas iv sd negeri 1 bakalan. Sarjana thesis, UMK.

AJI, PANJI RAHMA (2020) Readability of english bachelor thesis abstracts written by english education department students of universitas muria kudus. Sarjana thesis, UMK.

AMALI, DIDIK CHOIRUL (2020) The vocabulary mastery and the readingcomprehension of english education department studentsof universitas muria kudus in academic year 2019/2020. Sarjana thesis, UMK.

ANDRISWANTO, ARIK (2020) Thedifficulties in writing descriptive text faced by the students of social program in sman 1 pecangaan. Sarjana thesis, UMK.

ANJELIA, VIVI DWI KURTANTI (2020) Code switching in the videos of learning english tips By nessie judge channel on youtube. Sarjana thesis, UMK.

ANNISA MIFTHANIA, ANNISA (2020) Reinforcement implemented by The english teachers in smk taman siswa kudus. Sarjana thesis, UMK.

ARDIEN, SHADY AZALEA (2020) Efl student teachers’ problems in implementing lesson plan in teaching internship program. Sarjana thesis, Universitas Muria Kudus.

ASROFIN, ASROFIN (2020) The foreign students’ perception Toward the speaking skill Of universitas muria kudus students. Sarjana thesis, UMK.

AZZAKIYA, NAILIL FAROH (2020) The perception of eleventh grade students Of sma 1 jekulo kudus toward english Learning online using google classroom. Sarjana thesis, UMK.

Achmil Furqon, Muhammad (2020) An exclamatory sentences in english translation of surah al maidah noble qur’an. Sarjana thesis, UMK.

Ainingsih, Nora Ely (2020) The students’ perceptions On teaching narrative text writing insma negeri 3 pati. Sarjana thesis, UMK.

Alimah, Siti (2020) The implementation of english classroom discussion towards students’ speaking skill of the eleventh grade of man 01 kudus in the academic year 2019/2020. Sarjana thesis, UMK.

Amalia, Firda (2020) Students’ problems In learning applied linguistics through online class during covid-19 pandemic in english education department of muria kudus university. Sarjana thesis, UMK.

Annisa, Rifqa (2020) Translation problems faced by fourth semester students of general translation class in english education department. Sarjana thesis, UMK.

Aula, Ain Choridatul (2020) The effectiveness of using spelling bee game to teach vocabulary to the eighth grade students of junior high school at smp n 3 tambakromo). Sarjana thesis, UMK.


DEWI, AINUN QOLBIYAN MUSTIKA (2020) The perception of english education deaprtment students of universitas muria kudus Toward using zoom as an online learning platfrom during covid-19 pandemic. Sarjana thesis, UNIVERSITAS MURIA KUDUS.


FAHMI, NURUL (2020) The problems in writing descriptive text. Sarjana thesis, UMK.

FATIMAH, SITI (2020) Students’ perceptions on the use of media in english teaching in sd negeri 1 gribig kudus. Sarjana thesis, UMK.

FEBRIYANTI, WANDA (2020) An analysis on connotative meaning In pamungkas’s song lyrics of flying solo album. Sarjana thesis, UMK.

FIFI HERMAWATI, MARIA (2020) Teacher’s game to teach vocabulary (case study of second grade students of sma n 3 pati in academic year 2019/2020). Sarjana thesis, UMK.

FIRDAUS, NUR ANISA (2020) Speech acts used by the english teacher at sma pgri 1 pati. Sarjana thesis, UMK.

Firdaus, Muhammad Rivardi Jannatan (2020) The students’ perceptions on you tube As learning media in english education department Universitas muria kudus. Sarjana thesis, UMK.


HAJAR HARDIYANA, FIKA (2020) The use of comic strips to teach vocabulary (an experimental research in sd n gegersimo rembang). Sarjana thesis, UMK.

HANA, ULYA YUSRUL (2020) Process types in malala yousafzai’s speech In nobel peace prize. Sarjana thesis, UMK.

HANDAYANI, NARUMI (2020) Students’ perceptions on using positive reinforcement in english learning. Sarjana thesis, UMK.

Handayani, Rahmawati Dwi (2020) The perceptionsof the fourth semester students ofenglish education department of universitas muria kudus on the use of social media in learning english. Sarjana thesis, UMK.


INAWATI, IIN (2020) English teachers’ perceptions toward teaching vocabulary using real object In smp 1 kaliwungu kudus. Sarjana thesis, UMK.

Inayah, Inggraeni (2020) Comparative study on male and female of the eleventh grade students of sma n 2 bae kudus Academic year 2019/2020 Towards english final achievement. Sarjana thesis, UMK.


Kurniawati, Dina Wahyu (2020) Improving students’ speaking skill by using Snowball throwing technique. Sarjana thesis, UMK.


LESTARI, DIAH DWI (2020) Pronunciation errors made by the fourth semester students of english education department of universitas muria kudus In speech performance. Sarjana thesis, UMK.


Mahameru, Dendy Putra (2020) Students’ perception toward microteaching In relation with internship program. Sarjana thesis, UMK.

Masyhari, Muhammad. (2020) Sentence types on elementary school english workbook at bancak 01 pati, gunung wungkal in 2019/2020 academic year. Sarjana thesis, UMK.

Maufuriyah, Ikfina (2020) The difficulties of the students of smk pgri 1 mejobo kudusin academic year 2019/2020 in reading comprehension on narrative text. Sarjana thesis, UMK.

Maulana, Nadia (2020) Perceptions of teaching pronunciation In english education department Of universitas muria kudus. Sarjana thesis, UMK.

Murbawanti, Amalia (2020) The students’ beliefs in auto-mobile learning To enhance their language skills In english education department Of universitas muria kudus. Sarjana thesis, UMK.

Mutohhar, Mutohhar and Nuraeningsih, Nuraeningsih and Rusiana, Rusiana (2020) Students’ perception on one day one chapter one week one article program in fostering students’ literacy. [Experiment]


NASHCHA, IZZA NAILAN (2020) Figurative language used in ‘odd girl out’ webtoon. Sarjana thesis, UMK.

NOVI, PUPUT (2020) An analysis classroom interaction of eleventh grade students of sma n 1 karanganyar demak in 2019/2020 academic year. Sarjana thesis, UMK.

Nisa, Davika Khairun (2020) English teaching media for kelas wajib Of the eleventh grade of sman 1 pecangaan In academic years 2018/2019. Sarjana thesis, UMK.

Nuraeningsih, Nuraeningsih and Rusiana, Rusiana (2020) The impact of the implementation of fun extensive reading day towards students’ reading habit. [Experiment]


Pramesti, Lilik Titah (2020) The effectiveness of using ‘blindfold game’ for teaching to the eighth grade students of mts sunan prawoto pati in 2019/2020 academic year. Sarjana thesis, UMK.


SAFIRA, PUTRI WULAN DIYAH (2020) The vocabulary mastery of the third grade students of elementary school at queena private coursein pendosawalan jeapara taught by using powtoon video. Sarjana thesis, UMK.

SAFIRA IKRIMA, LULUK (2020) The correlation between simple present tense mastery And writing ability in self introduction text of The tenth grade female and male students of Smk n 1 kalinyamatan jepara. Sarjana thesis, UMK.

SAPUTRA, ROYKHAN (2020) Slang words used in “the spongebob movie: sponge out of water”. Sarjana thesis, UMK.

SETIYOSO, NUR (2020) Presupposition in joker movie. Sarjana thesis, UMK.

SHOLATA, MAULINAWATI (2020) Difficulties of teachers at man 1 kudus in academic year 2019/2020 in teaching writing descriptive text. Sarjana thesis, UMK.

SULISTIYANI, SAIDAH SRI (2020) The differenceof english learning motivation Between full-time and part-time students Of english education department In universitas muria kudus. Sarjana thesis, UMK.

Salismaroh, Vina (2020) Teachers’ strategies in teaching reading via online class of smp 2 kaliwungu kudus. Sarjana thesis, UMK.

Sandi, Boy (2020) Studi eksperimental pengaruh jumlah sudu turbin terhadap unjuk kerja turbin pada pompa yang difungsikan sebagai turbin (pat). Sarjana thesis, UMK.

Sandi, Nevinda Marcenfita (2020) Improving students’ reading comprehension By using mobile legend game. Sarjana thesis, UMK.

Septiana, Lina Nurfa (2020) Causal factors in english-speaking anxiety of English education departrmen of Univeresitas muria kudus. Sarjana thesis, UMK.

Septiyono, Feriawan (2020) Students’ speaking anxiety in academic speaking class at english education departmentmuria kudus university. Sarjana thesis, UMK.

Setyani, Retno (2020) Reading comprehension of narrative text with method student team achievement division (stad) in smk nu ma’arif kudus in class 10 machine 2. Sarjana thesis, Universitas Muria Kudus.

Suryani, Fitri Budi and Rismiyanto,, Rismiyanto and Nurcahyo, Agung Dwi (2020) Efl student teachers’ teaching practice to peer students and real students in microteaching. [Experiment]


ULA, MAULIDA WAHYUL (2020) Pemilihan bahasa pada rapat perangkat desa Mejobo kudus. Sarjana thesis, UMK.

ULFA, SITI MARYAM (2020) The perception of the 11th grade students of science program of ma al isti’anah boarding school pati on the use of english songs in teaching listening. Sarjana thesis, UMK.

Ulfah, Dyah Emilia (2020) Teachers’ strategy in teaching listening comprehension for english of maritime in nautical seafarer class of smk wisudha karya kudus. Sarjana thesis, UMK.

Utari, Aisyah Ririn Perwikasih and Purwaningrum, Jayanti Putri (2020) Pengembangan kamus saku (bahasa indonesia- bahasa inggris/ bahasa inggris-bahasa indonesia) materi geometri untuk meningkatkan kemampuan berbahasa inggris bagi mahasiswa prodi pendidikan matematika. [Experiment]

Utomo, Slamet (2020) The Analysis of Mood Types in Steve Jobs'and Barack Obama's Speeches. FKIP.

Utomo, Slamet (2020) The Challenges and Difficulties in Teaching Listening: An Exploratory Research in a Junior High School in Kudus. FKIP.

Utomo, Slamet (2020) Cohesion Of Abstracts Used ln Skripsi Of English Education Department Of Muria Kudus University. FKIP.

Utomo, Slamet (2020) Cohesion in Anne Hathaway's Speech Text on "Paid Parental Leave is about Creating Freedom to Define Roles". FKIP.

Utomo, Slamet (2020) Cohesive Devices of Abstract Used in lnternational Seminar Held by Teflin 2010. FKIP.

Utomo, Slamet (2020) The Order of Presentation of English Materials for Young lerners Based on the Curriculum 2013. FKIP.

Utomo, Slamet (2020) Pedagogical lmplication of the Rhetorical Structures of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton's Debates during Democratic Campaign Period of American Presidential Election in 2008. FKIP.

Utomo, Slamet (2020) Self-mentions in Applied Linguistics Research Articles Written by lndonesians and Non-lndonesians. FKIP.

Utomo, Slamet (2020) Strengthening of Indonesian Islamic Character Though Islamic Education Management Based of Soft Skills. FKIP.

Utomo, Slamet (2020) lnvestigating Cohesive Ties Devices ln Students' Writings of Muria Kudus University. FKIP.


WAKHDAH, ROHMATUL (2020) The social program students’ perception of difficulties in learning simple present tense. Sarjana thesis, UMK.

WIJAYA, NADA NITI JOKO (2020) The use of community language learning (cll) to enrich The speaking ability of the tenth grade students of Man 1 kudus in academic year 2019/2020. Sarjana thesis, UMK.

‘IZZA, VIVI NURLAILATUL (2020) Reading interest and reading comprehension Of the fourth semester students Of english education department Of universitas muria kudus in academic year 2019/2020. Sarjana thesis, UMK.

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