"Eduplay-Counseling:" upaya mengatasi masalah tingkah laku anak pada praktik pendidikan anak usia dini

Sukiman, - (2013) "Eduplay-Counseling:" upaya mengatasi masalah tingkah laku anak pada praktik pendidikan anak usia dini. In: Prosiding Semanar Internasional Konseling MALINDO - 3. The heart and soul of counseling: a reflection. FKIP Universitas Muhammadiyah Magelang, Magelang, pp. 326-331. ISBN 979-25780-2-1

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Child behavior disorders require to be undertood as unique in their own right. Children cannot be treated as "miniature adults." Formulation of childhood behavior problem is multifactorial. Before we can consider helping children it is important to reflect on the thought, ideas and feelings about the child and childhood which permeate our society. Children's social relationships and cultures are worthy of study in their own right, independence of the perspective and concerns of adult. Children aer not just the passive subject of social and structure processes. For all professionals working with children or as parents and caregivers of children it is helpful to think of and evaluate our own ideas and constructions about children. Play is a way of helping troubled children copes with difficult life events. A child at play is invested in his own representational world. Play activity in child treatment undergoes a process of change that in many ways prallels the process of development experienced in the normal course of a child's growth. Play activity is sensory, perceptual, and potentially symbolic. In trwatment, play activity facilities the treatment, changes in the child's play activity transform his perspective on significant relationships and alter his adaptation to his surroundings. The term of "Eduplay Counseling" is counseling used to solve behavior problem with includes education mission apply in students of early education setting.

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Kata Kunci: Eduplay counseling, problem behavior, early education
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