Learning Scenario as an Assisting Strategy in Observation Based-Microteaching Classroom

Rismiyanto, - (2013) Learning Scenario as an Assisting Strategy in Observation Based-Microteaching Classroom. proceeding 1 educational linguistic conference. pp. 404-409. ISSN 978-602-7981-03-4

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Teaching is an art of setting of performing learning process for the sake of transferring knowledge to learners. For it is an art, composing aesthetic state and sense of comfort for those involved in the learning process is gently required. Such a kind of effort needs continuously implementing by rehearsal and training of performing learning process. This is then realized in what so called Microteaching. Microteaching, as an organized practice teaching, is to give instructors confidence, support, and feedback by letting them try out among friends and colleagues a short slice of what they plan to do with their students. Microteaching is a quick, efficient, proven, and fun way to help teachers get off to a strong start. Students at English Education Department still frequently find problems in conducting microteaching practice. The problems might be they are not able to keep teaching as long as the time provided. Therefore, they are not practicing optimally since they frequenlty have no idea about what to do next. Most of them choose to just end their microteaching practice. As far as I have been observing the students in microteaching practive, I have already tried to apply several strategies to eliminate those problems. Recently, I apply to combine lesson plan and learning sceneario to cope with those problems. Although I have not expreimented this in a formal research, I strongly believe that learning scenario beneficially assist students to have better microteaching practice.

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