Rokhayani, Atik (2010) ASSESSING THE SCOPE FOR COHESION EXERCISES AT STUDENTS’ LEVEL IN THE TEST OF CLASSROOM DISCOURSE. international seminar 2010 "bringing linguistics and literature into efl classroom". ISSN 978-979-1098-03-22 (Submitted)

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Nowadays, discourse is very popular among students and teachers/lecturers. It can be seen that it has been one of the subjects in English Department. Discourse analysis examines how stretches of language, considered in their full textual, social, and psychological context, become meaningful and unified for their users. Cohesion has then become an important case to discuss due to the fact that it is part of discourse analysis. It has often been neglected in language teaching, where sentences have been created, manipulated, and assessed in isolation. It has been assumed that student difficulties arise primarily from lack of vocabulary or the complexity of grammatical structure at sentence level, whereas difficulties can as easily arise from problems with cohesion: finding the referent for a pronoun, for example, or recovering a phrase or clause lost through ellipsis. The results of this neglect are familiar to students at all levels, for they affect both production and processing. So far in many cases, teachers/lecturers have still found their students’ writing are not in a good form due to its lacking cohesiveness. In fact, cohesiveness is one the properties by which an essay or article or any other kinds of writing is considered to by the good one. Therefore, the study of cohesion is necessary to be intensively done, especially by lecturers. This paper explores the scope of cohesion in the result of students’ analysis test in the classroom discourse. Analyzing the use of cohesion in writing is looking closely the utilization of cohesive devices, such as reference, substitution, ellipsis, conjunction and lexical cohesion in it.

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