Dilema & Permasalahan Koperasi Primordial (studi kasus Koperasi MG75)

Sumotarto , Untung (2012) Dilema & Permasalahan Koperasi Primordial (studi kasus Koperasi MG75). In: Prosiding Seminar & Konferensi nasional Manajemen Bisnis: memberdayakan UMKM dalam meningkatkan kesejahteraan masyarakat menghadapi persaingan global. Kudus, 26 Mei 2012. Badan Penerbit Universitas Muria Kudus, pp. 98-102. ISBN 978-602-99614-4-7

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Primordialism is a view or ideologies that hold fast to the things that was brought as a child, both of the traditions, customs, beliefs, and everything that is in the first environment (environmental culture of origin). Primordial cooperation in this context can be interpreted as a cooperation that gathers such members originated from, for examples, a single origin region, alumni of certain schools, or one group bonded relationship in the past. MG75 Cooperation is a cooperation that gathers members of the alumni of the SMAN I High School in the town of Purworejo Class 1975. Since the founding in 2009 it has faced several problems and dilemmas such as: 1) Limited number of members and their domiciles covering the national territory led to legal entities applying for licenses (permission) had not yet been eligible, 2) The extent of the spread of the members also lead to difficulties in coordination, so that meetings of members do often not meet quorum, 3) Boards and members are still attached to their professional job, making it difficult in handling day-to-day operation of the cooperation, collecting capital, etc. But over time, when members had to retire in their workplace it is expected that they will concentrate more on this cooperation effort. In addition, by the time and experience, the boards and members are expected to grow their ability of entrepreneurship so as to improve the performance of the cooperation.

Tipe dokumen: Bagian dari buku dan sejenisnya
Uncontrolled Keywords: cooperation, primordial, domicile, coordination, professional job, entrepreneurship.
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Divisions: Fakultas Ekonomi > Magister Manajemen (S2)
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