Analisis Strategi Pemasaran pada UMKM Roti Dadi Semarang

Soegiarto, Dwi and Kuncoro, Amin (2012) Analisis Strategi Pemasaran pada UMKM Roti Dadi Semarang. In: Prosiding Seminar & Konferensi nasional Manajemen Bisnis: memberdayakan UMKM dalam meningkatkan kesejahteraan masyarakat menghadapi persaingan global. Kudus, 26 Mei 2012. Badan Penerbit Universitas Muria Kudus, Kudus, pp. 275-286. ISBN 978-602-99614-4-7

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Smart markerting strategy is needed for bakery company to face competition. In marketing, company has three phase, those are selecting consumers, identify the consumers need and decide marketing. The purpose of this study is analize a position of marketing strategy; to formulate a marketing strategy that is used by‟dadi‟ bread company semarang. Variable in this study are internal variable included capital, quality of product, price wisdom, limited product, service, distribution and promotion. While, the external challenging variables are broad market, dedication, technology, consuming development and stock. On the other hand, external threading variable among others; rival, newcomer, alternative item, government rule, developing technology and prudence. The method of collecting data in the study among others interview, questionnaire, and documentation. While the data analysis uses SWOT analysis. The result of the study : Based on SAP analisis (Strategic Advantage Profile) it can be identify that ‟dadi‟ bread company semarang have a great chance from something that can be offered to the consumen and can cover some markets. In this case, the company is still in safe position to compete against the similar product. Meanwhile, based on ETOP analysis (Environment Threat Opportunity Profile) ‟dadi‟ bread company semarang in the ideal position in which this company can develop or invest to the same type of businesss and must be able to face the rival. By over viewing the company strategy that is in safe and ideal position, so, marketing strategy that is suitable for ‟dadi‟ bread company semarang is Hold strategy dan investasion. Something that is important for the company related to the power and chance that is owned by the company among others about challenging price, financial suport, worker management and up lifting promoting service. Furthermore, external factor that is important to be defended by the company is marketing and selling development toward the same type new commer company. Another Marketing Strategy that is suitable for ‟dadi‟ bread company semarang is investation strategy that uplifting the amount of capital, variant products and service.

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