Enhancing Students’ Soft Skills through PWP (Pressure Writing Practice) A Reflection in a Writing Class

Syafei, Muh. (2014) Enhancing Students’ Soft Skills through PWP (Pressure Writing Practice) A Reflection in a Writing Class. ELTLT. ISSN 978-602-19638-8-3

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This paper reflectively describes the use of Pressure Writing Practice (PWP) to enhance students’ soft skills in Paragraph Writing Class in second semester at EED of the University of Muria Kudus (UMK) in academic year of 2013/2014. PWP is administered weekly. In PWP, the students must individually write a paragraph on a sheet of paper. They have only 30 minutes to complete the task without any access and help from their peers, teachers, textbooks, notes, dictionaries, cellphones and laptops. Initially some confussions and behavioral concerns took place but after several applications of PWP, students’ original paragraphs improved in quality and length. Students’ soft skills and writing fluency were clearly observed. In doing the composition, the students also looked more relaxed and confident. The students hardly turned to their mates for help or discussions and accessed any notes even in the absence of their instructor. They had a better attendance, punctuality and time-management. Honesty, independence, descipline, determination, personality and independence were clearly obersved after PWP application. Copy-paste modus was totally eradicated in their paragraphs. Some students directly expressed their supports and thanks to PWP. After every PWP session, the students had to revise and improve their original compositions. After PWP, they were strongly encouraged to have questions and reflections through group-work, peer’s correction, and instructor’s feedback. They were also allowed to access and make use of their smart gadgets and computers.

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